What kind of training do technicians have in regards to providing home repair services?

Entry-level positions generally require non-credit-based training based on certificates or ‚Äúwork experience‚Äù in electronics and mechanics. In some cases, depending on the tasks required by the company, a two- or four-year degree may be required. Training can begin in BOCES programs and, depending on the individual’s desire, can be developed through programs from community colleges to four-year undergraduate institutions. Adult training opportunities may be available through local community colleges and BOCES.

Some community colleges may offer training with organizations that offer national certifications, such as the International Maintenance Institute. Once employed in a company, some may offer New York State internship programs for qualified employees. Repair technicians provide repair and maintenance services for vehicles, equipment, appliances, computers, or other machinery or systems. Depending on the nature of the item in need of repair, these services can be provided in the workshop or on site, at the customer’s business or residence.

Repair technicians often use diagnostic tools to identify and assess the problem. They provide a cost estimate and a schedule for anticipated repairs, and complete the work with customer approval. They also offer routine maintenance, customization and troubleshooting. Repair technicians typically have completed a training program or obtained technical certification.

Some features may also have licensing requirements. They must have good analytical and problem-solving skills. Experience using computerized diagnostic tools is an advantage. These positions can be physically challenging and may involve working in strenuous conditions.

A maintenance repair technician is responsible for keeping the facility up and running and for repairing problems when they are discovered.

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