What Are Repair And Maintenance Services

Repair and maintenance are words used to describe a job in which the purpose is to keep real estate in good working order, ready or safe, or to restore it to that condition. Technically, repairs can also be considered maintenance work (corrective maintenance). However, the difference between repair and maintenance work is that repairs aim to restore functionality, while maintenance seeks to preserve functionality. Predictive maintenance aims to predict faults before they occur so that maintenance can be performed at the right time.

When used together in a sentence, the easiest way to differentiate between repair and maintenance is to think of “repair” as something that happens after an asset fails, while “maintenance” generally refers to maintenance actions that are carried out to keep assets in good working condition and try to avoid unexpected machine downtime. Maintenance experts recommend dedicating 80 percent of their resources to proactive maintenance and 20 percent to corrective repairs. Those who are interested in using cloud-based maintenance platforms to organize, automate and streamline their maintenance work, do not hesitate to contact us if they have any questions. Cloud-based maintenance tools, such as MaintainX CMMS, help organize, automate and streamline maintenance management, so you have more control over your department.

Corrective maintenance is the maintenance that is required when an item has failed or is worn out to make it work again, and it can also include the services needed to restore, renew, or partially reinforce an existing Department installation or system, after damage caused by normal wear and tear. For the full text, see chapter 2, subchapter 2, article 3 of the Home Maintenance Code on painting. In short, reactive maintenance often involves more downtime and higher maintenance costs when not used strategically. There are many different maintenance strategies you can combine, depending on your assets, the industry, and the size and experience of your maintenance team.

This type of maintenance involves analyzing all possible failure modes for each equipment and creating a customized maintenance plan for each individual machine. WAVE may perform emergency maintenance at any time that WAVE deems it necessary and will notify the Customer of such emergency maintenance as soon as commercially possible under the circumstances.

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